Stroke lab Features

The FINIS Stroke Lab comes as a Team Platform where coaches can add and manage athletes for easy communication and sharing in one place. The software allows for public or private video sharing, and is compatible with most all computer video files including MP4, AVI, and WMV.

Simple Video Upload

Upload your video file in formats including MP4, AVI and WMV. Tag the athletes and/or groups of athletes that should be able to see the video.

Audio Comments

Record audio feedback as a voiceover on any video frame. The video will automatically pause and play the feedback on playback.

Text Comments

Make quick text notes for your athletes on any video frame. The video will automatically pause on the frame that includes the comment.

Free Sketch Pencil

Make quick annotations to point out stroke flaws and corrections appended to any video frame.

Line Sketch Tool

The Line Sketch tool is the simplest way to create a perfectly straight line ideal for annotating videos dealing with long-axis strokes.

Angle Sketch Tool

Measure angles by clicking between 3 points using the Angle Sketch tool and save the markup for the swimmer to see after you finish coaching the session. You can efficiently measure head position, ankle flexibility, and kick range using this tool.

Curve Sketch Tool

Draw smooth curves by creating a series of points along a path. A smooth curve will be generated that follows these points.

Rectangle Sketch Tool

Highlight areas of concern quickly and easily create a rectangle using the rectangle sketch tool.
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